Career Services Advisor

Phoenix, Arizona
Facilitate externship placement for all Certificate Program students and assist all graduates with procurement of employment.

  • Develop and implement plans and strategies to achieve graduate employment goals.
  • Acquire externship sites through cold calling, direct telephone sales, e-mail contacts, on- line searches, and networking via professional associations, and follow-up with PMI alumni, staff, and faculty and Advisory Board members.
  • Determine optimum externship site for each student based on a skills/assessment checklist completed by all students, with their instructors’ input; coordinate externship interview, if appropriate, and complete site assignment directly with site supervisor(s).
  • Monitor and track externship site availability, via ongoing contact (in-person, phone, e- mail and fax) with available and potential externship sites.
  • Conduct pre-externship orientation workshops with all seniors immediately prior to commencement of externships.
  • Conduct site visits to monitor externship students’ progress, discuss and oversee implementation of required actions requested to overcome students’ challenges, and determine appropriate follow-up; facilitate completion of Midterm and Final Evaluations by site supervisors.
  • Conduct job search workshops (and coordinate with Clinical Directors, when appropriate), to assist and train students / graduates with networking, resume and cover letter writing, job searches, interviewing techniques, and soft skills awareness and improvement.
  • Advise not-yet-placed graduates toward optimizing job search activities, including review and revision of graduates’ portfolios (cover letters, resumes, awards, certifications, transcript, military service acknowledgment, reference letters, etc.)
  • Facilitate and/or participate in Advisory Board meetings, sharing statistical data regarding retention and placement, updating members regarding curriculum changes, and soliciting suggestions from Advisors, particularly as new approaches may influence readiness for marketability and employment of our graduates.
  • Participate in campus and off-campus events, including graduation, job fairs and marketing events.

Campus Nexus – Monitoring progress of students/graduates; ensuring externship site/employer availability.

  • Facilitate acquisition and detail receipt of requisite documentation (background check, drug screen, CPR / OSHA / HIPAA certification, immunizations, licenses, national certification exams, etc. );
  • Log all telephone calls: (i) from/to students/grads; (ii) from/to existing and potential externship sites and employers.
  • Ensure all students’ requisite documents are complete prior to externship placement.
  • Prepare externship packets to accommodate documentation of students’ externship attendance and progress, as acknowledged by site supervisor.
  • Enter attendance for all externship students from timesheets they submit weekly; run Campus Nexus LDA report to monitor missing attendance and follow-up to ensure attendance accuracy.
  • Prepare students’ files and compile all fully-completed documentation in conjunction with students’ exit interviews; coordinate externship follow-up activities (with Financial Aid and Registrar) in preparation for graduation.
  • Verify and enter all data relevant to employment of graduates in Campus Nexus.
  • Search for and maintain lists / links detailing job openings; inform graduates of openings.
  • Prepare marketing packets, call, e-mail and visit potential sites / employers in effort to build partnership opportunities and record marketing efforts in CampusVue to ensure updated contact information, as well as calendaring required follow-up actions.
  • Track and enter all data relevant to credentialing and programmatic licensure.
  • Appropriately document externship to hire (conversion) data.
  • Maintain accurate database of employers / externship sites, and update database daily.
  • Generate Placement reports from Campus Nexus to monitor externship and graduate placements, track daily activities, and detail results versus goals.
  • Other duties as assigned by Career Services Coordinator or Campus Director.
The list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented.
  • Associate’s Degree preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Two (2) years of recruitment/staffing experience.
  • Computer and word processing skills.
  • Any equivalent combination of training, education or experience that meets the minimum qualifications.