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  • Dental Hygiene Clinical Director

    Dental Hygiene — Houston, TX, US
    The Clinical Director will oversee and work with faculty, staff, and students associated with the dental hygiene clinic and coordinate the clinical education and instruction of students in the Dental Hygiene program. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Participate in curriculum review and faculty orientation. Parti ...
    Reference no: 830080 Posted on: 07/28/2018
  • Dental Hygiene Clinic Assistant

    Dental Hygiene — Seattle, WA, US
    Assist in activities of the Dental Hygiene Program Clinic to support clinical endeavors in accordance with the curriculum standards and programmatic objectives. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Support and communicate with Clinical Director. Oversee and regulate preparation of instruments, sterilization procedur ...
    Reference no: 759301 Posted on: 04/26/2018