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Seattle, Washington 9 days ago
SUBSTITUTE POSITION Instruct and implement the Dental Assistant program to educate students in accordance with the curriculum standards and objectives. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Implement and evaluate daily lesson pl... Read More
Mesa, Arizona 13 days ago
Assist the campus admissions staff to arrange appointments for prospective students to discuss their education objectives. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Receive inquiries from potential students and arrange appointments. Re... Read More
Tucson, Arizona 13 days ago
Implement the Career Prep Curriculum Sequence and instruct students in accordance with curriculum standards and objectives. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Instruct students in the foundation courses such as mathematics, comp... Read More
El Paso, Texas 13 days ago
Coordinate the clinical education and instruction of students in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Secure new clinical sites and contractual agreements. Review student success rates by... Read More
Colorado Springs, Colorado 15 days ago
SUMMARY Facilitate externship placement for all Certificate Program students and assist all graduates with procurement of employment. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS Acquire externship sites through cold calling, direct tel... Read More